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Focus on customer requirements in demand need.

At a time when cyber attacks and ransomware attacks make headlines almost every other day, the significance of cyber crisis tabletop exercises cannot be overstated. These cyber simulation drills help prepare your organisation to deal with real-world cyber attacks. They are pivotal in testing and improving your response to and decision-making for a cyber crisis. 

By closely replicating real-life cyber attack scenarios, they offer invaluable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of existing cybersecurity strategies and protocols. They truly help identify where you stand in terms of cyber resilience and what you need to do to immediately improve your posture.  

This blog will show you what tools and resources our experts at Cyber Management Alliance have created to make it easier for you to host your own Cyber Drill: 

  1. Top Cyber Tabletop Exercise Scenarios to Rehearse
  2. Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercise Checklist
  3. Cyber Tabletop Exercise Template
  4. Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercise PowerPoint

Cyber Attack Tabletop Exercises: Tools and Resources

At Cyber Management Alliance, we firmly believe that the best way to get the most out of your cyber crisis tabletop exercise is to hire an external and deeply experienced facilitator. 

There are several compelling reasons for this: 

  • Our facilitators are highly experienced and bring their real-world expertise of having conducted 300+ exercises for organisations across the globe to the exercise. 
  • They’ve been in the trenches of actual cyber war rooms and bring the kind of nuanced insights that are impossible for internal teams to have. 
  • They are experts at creating bespoke cyber attack tabletop exercise scenarios – relevant to the business, layered with injects and capable of driving home the point of what a cyber-attack can really do to your business.  
  • They bring an outsider’s perspective on what your cyber resilience posture is really like. They’re able to look at your cyber incident response plan and capabilities from a distanced and purely unbiased place.  
  • Their evaluation of the exercise, feedback and recommendations are totally objective. Their opinions aren’t unintentionally coloured by company culture, team loyalty etc.  

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