Strategic Web Deployment

With our focus on the Web Site as a strategic initiative designed to have a significant effect on the bottom line, our work tends to focus on those areas that really matter.

We place significant emphasis on examining the ways in which traffic can be driven to the site.  Too often companies rely too heavily on Search Engines alone to drive traffic when the correct allocation of resources and budget is a combination of Search,traditional lead generation activities, PR, and Marketing.

Once the customer or prospect arrives at the site, we want the user to stay there, meaning we want the site to be Usable, inviting a click-thru to a call to action.

This is especially true of e-commerce sites that must make it easy for the customer to shop and buy. Succesful Commercial Sites must make the prospective buyer comfortable. In addition, the buyer must be completely confident that the site is secure and that they understand the site privacy policy.

We assist our customers to build sites that establish trust and confidence in the buyer so that they will buy products, recommend the site to others, and return to buy products again..