Web Strategy for Industrial Equipment Company

The company had four divisions each supplying different products to large construction firms and state and local governments.  The company did not have a web presence.  The company relied on traditional sales and marketing methods.

Senior management was convinced the company needed a web site and solicited bids from several web design firms.  The early discussions with the web design firms created more questions than answers. Senior management knew their business but knew nothing about the web.  Having been around the block more than once, the managers new that some work had to be done before they leapt into discussions regarding the web site design.

Providence Enterprised Group was asked to help them design a comprehensive web development plan that would assist them in planning for a web presence that would be fully integrated with the business.  Critical areas addressed by the study included potential revenue impact, projected budgets, customer comfort with the web, channel conflicts,pay for click, security, competetive position, customer relationships,search engine optimization, staffing, and web site design firm profiles.

At the end of the study, senior management felt much more comfortable evaluating and choosing a web design firm to build the site.  To date the company has realized more than ten times the cost of the web development efforts in new revenue attributed to the web presence.